Slaying spiritual dragons

12790987_976258302411821_6552811498123989529_nblogSome may be wondering why the name change? Dragon Slayer? Really? What does that have to do with anything?

Sit back and let me tell you. God has been doing some wild things in my life, yet the journey has been, and is, brutal. The giants set in my path have been shooting flames in my directions, licking at my heals, sometimes scorching, sometimes doused by little pools of water. Ultimately I have been watching God’s grace overtake my life in odd ways. Some people would describe it at torture, but I have to be thoroughly honest and say even though it hurts, I know God is growing me for a much greater purpose. No I don’t believe that daily, but in general I do.

In the last year alone:

  • My parents house burned down
  • My grandfather died
  • My Dad died
  • My association with Godly men I love and respect came to a screeching halt
  • My association with Godly men / bikers I love and respect resumed
  • My marriage has been constantly attacked and on the rocks
  • My family has been under grave spiritual attack
  • My Disciple brothers and bros have also been under heavy physical and spiritual attack

This is merely a list of generalizations due to individuals’ privacy being at stake. The point is life has been chaotic. I wake up daily tired, not wanting to fight, discouraged, and beaten down by those around me. It is not all bad though! There are those who pick me up, dust me off, and put a sword back in my hands. Then there are others who hold my arms up in the midst of battle like Aaron did for Moses.

The truth is my sword is constantly swinging, and it takes so much effort to stab the dragon through the gullet when you risk breaking your sword on the iron strong scales.

A week ago I was riding down through Maricopa to Gila Bend. It is a gorgeous ride, full of twists and turns, sharp bends, some rough road, and small up and down hills. Lets just say I was in a bit of a mood, feeling a bit ornery. The bike was crankin’, throttle wide open, adrenaline  pumping, and all I heard was wind and some screaming Cobras. I had reached my place, come into a dimension of spiritual silence. Now I could think. Its like the noise level at that point drives out the noise in your head. Out of nowhere I just started swinging my sword, crying out to God, rebuking principalities and powers of evil, begging God to draw near, seeking answers, and commanding legions of angels to protect and fight with me. I was particularly praying for the angel on my bike!

I refuse to let the dragons of this world swallow me whole. Its amazing the spiritual power we have when we hit that dimension of being able to commune in the spirit with God our Father. That can be a quiet prayer closet, or on a screaming bike at 100 mph. God will meet us where we are at, without ever changing who He is. He simply asks us to search and know His heart. When you know your warrior companions inside and out, you never have to question if they will slay dragons with you or not. Likewise, God is always going to be there already claiming victory over any dragon long before we slay him.

Be blessed.



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