Relaunched passion

The fool is back! No really, you have to be an idiot to close a blog that gets about 2,000 hits a week. It has been a refreshing break though. But who am I kidding?? I have been blogging elsewhere, just under an alias. a good way to step out of the lime light.

So I haven’t written here since 2012. Crazy. Maybe I should go back and look at all the non-sense I have written. *chuckles*

I would really like to share where I have been. Many of the blog posts to come have already been posted elsewhere, but they hold the thought processes I have been tinkering with. So much has changed. So much growth in such a short period of time.

Life is to short to not be drastic. My faith, beliefs, and life processes have all changed. I have taken some crazy turns in my life that warrant the “edge of the seat” response from any listener, but the growth we are talking about now is really not me at all. I have to give God the glory!

Sit back and enjoy the ride. Open your heart and mind, stay fluid, and let me help challenge you.


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