"As you go…"

In the last few days I have come to realize that being flexible is the only way we will truly come to a point where we will truly be able to understand the path God leads us on. As Christians, do we have this idea that when God says to go do something, that we are suppose to focus fully on that and ignore everything else that passes by us? I cannot help but think of the many sermons I have sat in where the teacher tells us to fix our eyes on the goal, and run straight ahead. While that may sound like fantastic advise, is it really what God tells us?

“Therefore, as you go, disciple people in all nations…” ~ Matthew 28:19 (ISV)

I have really been struggling with the concept of moving here to Safford with a goal, ministry, career, and promise from God of opening a cafe, then watching it get prolonged for many various reasons. I sit back and I question myself, doubt myself, and begin to let my mind wander. But something hit me as I was sharing with an individual the other day where and how God has brought me here. The particular statement I made referred to the fact I moved to Denver, expecting to get involved with a ministry there, but finding out that God had other plans. He knew my heart, but he wanted to teach me more about myself and show me changes that I needed to make in my own life. They were hard lessons to learn, yet it was after I made significant changes that he then called me to move to Safford, and gave me a vision.

Even though I am here, for a city kid, used to making great money, having options, and living the life, I have found an odd version of contentment. This is not where I want to be, but it is where God has placed me. Because he has placed me here, and certain doors seem to remain closed despite of the vision he has given, I have to sit and think about my opener to this post. “As I go…” Then I rest in the contentment of know that he knows what he is doing.

What does that mean for me and my family? Well I learned quite a while ago, when you ask questions, you receive answers. Some unique opportunities have recently come up. There are other ideas in the works as well that have me curious. I may not know or understand God’s leading, but I must be willing to follow it. This could mean some great and scary changes for our small family, but as the leader of my home I have to do what is best for us and not all.

I feel excited, and encouraged, as I let go of some wants, and embrace some needs and possible doors that may prove to be open more than I think. This does not mean giving up on a vision! It means pursuing the path that God has us walking on in obedience and in prayer. Wherever God decides to take us, whether it means remaining here, moving to a nearby city, or even across the country, we are going to strive to walk in the “As we go…” mindset.


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