Book review: Exposing Christianity

Exposing ChristianityExposing Christianity by Brian E. Payne
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

This book was 68 pages of absolute trash! Don’t waste your time reading it, because even if you DID agree with the standpoint Brian Payne was coming from, you would could find a high-school dropout with better arguments and depth than this author. What Brian Payne sloppily threw on 68 pages should have been carefully written, every point examined, solid arguments given, and depth put into thought process, over what would probably take volumes.

What I see here is a bitter author who has had some crummy life experiences that have dulled not only his view of Christianity, but his ability to use logic and reason. He states a LOT of opinions and personal beliefs, but in no way backs them up. Very disappointing to read something so shallow coming from a graduate of the School of Divinity.

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