And I know…

“Cause I know that you’re alive
You came to fix my broken life
And I’ll sing to glorify
Your Holy name, Jesus Christ”
~ Hillsong United
I am one that really does not like to celebrate holidays. Easter is no exception. Why not? Because the majority of holidays we celebrate in this nation have lost their true meanings. 
However. Easter is one that really stops and makes me think. The true meaning is in the recognition of the love of Jesus and what he accomplished in our place at the cross. It is beautiful to sit back and think about his amazing grace and the love he poured over us! 
“You came to fix my broken life..” Wow. Is not that the truth? I was so broken. So lost. Forsaken. Destitute in my own selfishness, anger, and pain. I went from being a broken person to a broken soul for Christ. My sinful soul was broken and through that brokenness Christ comes alive in my life. I love reflecting on that. It was all him, and not of me. For that I exult and thank him. 
God has really been doing some crazy things lately. As we work hard to put our cafe ministry together, we have been exhausting our efforts and resources. I was feeling frustrated the other day about that. A few hours later my father in law comes up to me and hands me a $500 check. He said that someone was burdened in there heart to make a donation to us. Wow. Just the night before I sat outside praying, and surrendered this entire ministry to God…including the financial side. 
He came through. He always does. He always will. He is a tangible God. He physically came to earth for us, he physically left us, and he physically provides and shows up for us. Let that sink in. It is much deeper than we realize. 
God, thank you. I praise you for all the blessings you put in my life, especially the ones that come in the middle of great opposition. This is really all yours. Use it. Take it. I continue to ask you to steer. You are so good! Thank you for all you have done for us and your free gift you have given. Bind us together in unity and peace! Show up BIG for us in the days to come. Your love is everything. 

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