Not of this world

There has been a great deal on my mind lately. In my last post, which I have deleted, I stated I was feeling burned out and felt as if I have lost my focus. It is funny to me how, when we confront God and tell him we have a hazy view, he clears it up very quickly. In the last week I have learned a tremendous amount about myself, the strengths I have been blessed with, the challenges that life brings, and what God expects of me as his son.

Something has sparked in me that I have been waiting on for a while. What is interesting is it took some tough situations to open my eyes to things I have not been able to see. Concepts such as forgiveness, selflessness, and grace have really come to the surface and reintroduced themselves. Oh believe me, I know them all very well, but sometimes it is good to get reacquainted.

In my journey of faith, God has asked me to give up many things in my pursuit of him, but by far the hardest thing he has ever asked of me is the surrender of control. In this process it has called me to many leaps of faith that, to most, seem absolutely insane. In the midst of the assumed “insanity,” God has revealed the most clarity to the path of life in front of me. I almost cannot explain it. You have to hold a level of faith that is active, not just an idea, in order to understand.

This past week, I have been stirred and moved to take some more leaps of faith. They may seem small, but the long term effects will be dynamite. God has called me to the place I am at for a very specific reason. That reason is quickly unfolding and the battles are coming with a fury. As my small family obeys God and seeks his plan, no matter what the cost, we are confidant that we will prevail, overcome, and concur any and all opposition.

Great things are on the horizon! Huge doors of opportunity to make a community impact are close at hand. We wait, in anticipation, slight fear, and great excitement. As we move onward and forward, we go in expectation of God showing up big. There is so much for us to do, but we surrender all control to the divine plan he has called us to follow.

As I close this post I would like to encourage my readers to follow my blog’s Facebook page. God has given me a new direction and vision for this blog that I am very excited to share with you!


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