Rambling about nothing important

The book a week idea has been shot to high heaven! So far Spirit Wars has been great, but I have had a hard time finding the free time to sit and read. Between working so hard on getting the cafe open and working I simply have been too busy. I promise though that when I finish it I will write a review. From what I have read to this point it has really blown me away.

Life has been good in general. I have a buyer for my house in Indy, and will know for sure tomorrow if he is going through with it. Things with Amanda and I are great. Ethan and Boston have been doing well. I also start a job this week as a branch manager for a glass company. It pays ok, but I view it as temporary until the coffee shop is up and booming! We are shooting for April 7th. I estimate it taking a good month to really establish a financial foundation, and six months to be solid. From the networking I have done on this, people sound very excited for what we are doing. I really think we are going to thrive!

Not speaking in general anymore, personally I have been in a state of frustration. There has been a lot going on with a lot of challenges to overcome. Last night I gave it a lot of thought and realized it really is more than that. Throughout my life I have has some amazing encounters in my spiritual life. I am at a point where I need another encounter to give me the boost I need. Where do I even start looking for that? Things in my spiritual life are not bad, just…that fire is missing. I think it has a lot to do with not being where I want to be and being farther from Ethan. It causes stress that I cannot shake. That stress turns and wears on me spiritually. I have decided that I want to take a trip this summer to Redding, CA, to visit Bethel Church and meet Bill Johnson. I have had an itch to go there for three years, and I need it.

Going back to a good note, I start back to school at EAC next semester. I have decided to change my major for now and pursue business. I may eventually switch back to psychology, but I need to just get a degree already and can use a business degree for a lot of jobs.

So there you have it: I will be working a full time job (40-50 hours a week), opening a coffee shop, going back to school at least part time, and plan on travelling a lot this summer! I am tired just thinking about it all!

I forgot to mention…I am also currently shopping for a motorcycle! If you know anyone selling a Harley for a great price let me know!


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