Climbing mountains

When I climb down the mountain
And get back to my life
I won’t settle for ordinary things…
~ Third Day (Show Me Your Glory)
Twice in my life I have lived in, on, or around mountains. The first was in Arkansas, where I became a Christian. The second, in Colorado, where God took me by the proverbial hand and did some significant chiseling in my life. Both of these seasons of my life were challenging times. What I find interesting though, is that God used Show Me Your Glory each time I left these places as encouragement to me. Third Day is by far one of my favorite bands, and their lyrics in this song really settle well on the stomach of my soul. 
In the last couple weeks I have done a lot of traveling, hence why my blog has been abandoned. I actually have had my laptop with me the entire time, but honestly I have not had enough peace about any particular subject to actually sit down and write. First I took a trip to Indy for about five days to see my son and have my wife meet her new “in-laws.” When we returned to Arizona, my restlessness was still eating at me, so I took a road trip to Denver for a few days. With all the driving I did, God and I had some time to talk, and wrestle. Some things have not been going quite how I envisioned, causing me to be anxious. I was really starting to question my move to Arizona and God’s purpose for my life and the future of my family. As I headed back to AZ on Saturday, this song by Third Day came on. God really started speaking to me in a calm voice. 
Something really dawned on me. In my walk with God, things have really developed and come together, but there is a level of intimacy that has been missing lately. What I realized though is that it is as simple as my lack of devotion. I have been so wrapped up with the things going on that I have not been taking everything to God as diligently as I should. 
As I drove, I poured a lot out to God. By the time I got home, I felt peace. I believe it is good for us to go through rough patches. In this case it brought me to a place of humility before God. I think there are some great things about to take place. 

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