Resting in His care

With all that has been going on, I have been very overwhelmed. The preparation for moving has proved far more difficult than I thought, physically as well as mentally and emotionally. It is very bizarre to me how I can be so excited about the events unfolding in my life, but so distraught at the same time.

In less than 9 days, I will be at home loading my truck and a U-Haul trailer as fast as I can after a long day at work, preparing for the 13-14 hours of driving that lie ahead of me. That gives me about 1 week to finish squaring things away here in Denver. That is not much time, yet it is too much time. 
The oppression of leaving a place I love so much has eaten away at me. Despite this, doors continue to open for me in miraculous ways that I have no way of explaining other than God has taken the wheel and is driving at full speed ahead. Amazing job opportunities, new experiences, awesome ministry, and entrepreneurship have burst open like flood gates! 
Why do I feel so afraid? I have become much more comfortable than I realized in Colorado. This to me is home, and I love it here. I have even become used to working out in the cold weather and it does not bother me!

What I find interesting is that both my wife and I have been under the same amount of attack. The littlest things have been trying to trip us up, yet is is amazing as we watch God pull through for us every time, renewing our strength. We have some great challenges set before us, and we are excited to watch as God prevails and keeps us in a great place of protection.


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