A good father

Look at the birds of the air…Consider the lilies of the field.
Are you not much more valuable to your true Father than they?
~ Matthew 6:26, 28
This verse is very well known and used frequently when discussing God’s care for us. How ironic is it that this verse and topic is the theme of my devotional book today when several amazing things have taken place. If you have been following my Facebook, email updates, and even my blog, you have probably seen a pattern. God has been paving a path for me that is undeniably all His doing. 
Wherever you are in your ability to believe it at this moment in your life, at least you can see what Jesus is driving at. You have a good Father. He is better than you thought. He cares. He really does. He’s kind and generous. He’s out for your best. This is absolutely central to the teaching of Jesus. 
~ John Eldredge, Fathered By God, pp. 31-32
As I have been preparing to move, and follow what I believe is the movement of God in my life, there have been some hurdles that have entered my path that look very difficult to overcome. Many others and I have been praying about these hurdles, and today God opened the floodgate of solutions. 
The first hurdle was my lease I signed at the end of November for the next year. My landlord, who is also a Christian, and I had a long conversation last night about what is going on, and he was very understanding. He gave me some very reasonable terms if I want to break my lease. That alone was a blessing. This morning a buddy called me to tell me that a friend of his would be very interested in pursuing the idea of taking over my lease for me, which would save me a decent amount of money! I had been asking around to see if anyone was interested, so this is a huge answer to prayer!
The second hurdle was my job. I have a great job, and my boss likes me a lot. So much so, he told me that I had nothing to worry about when the layoffs come in a few months. I talked to him and my HR manager today, and they agreed to give me a layoff at the end of the month instead of accepting my resignation! That is a great blessing, because now I can collect my unemployment until I start my new job in Arizona!
As the days move on and I watch as God moves the puzzle pieces around, I feel a great sense of peace. He is taking control as I surrender any fears and anxieties to him. There is a lot left to figure out, but I believe that by the end of January God will have put everything into place that needs to be taken care of. 
More leaps of faith equal more blessing and opportunities. 

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