A new year

Stand at the crossroads and look;
ask for the ancient paths,
ask where the good way is, and walk in it,
and you will find rest for your souls.
~ Jeremiah 6:16

Last night I had a terrifying revelation. I am 25 years old. Realistically, my life is about half over. My youth and strength will only continue to dwindle from this point forward. Tiredness, exhaustion, and burnout on life will only grow stronger. We are human. It happens. What am I doing with my life that is purposeful and making a difference in the kingdom of God? All night this haunted me. Time flies by these days. I remember being young, longing to be older so I could do whatever I wanted. Now, I long to be younger, to change the course I took and make a more positive difference. But no, I cannot look back. However I can look forward! I have the rest of my life in front of me! That, is exciting! I keep going back to when I read Crazy Love and realizing that I had this same excitement when I finished it. Where did I lose that passion? The best answer I can come up with is the unwillingness to let go of so much once I reached Denver. It has been 7 months. Every door I have purposed to open has not budged that corresponds with the vision God gave me as I left Indiana. 
A door has opened. I am at a crossroads. Comfort or purpose? That is the dilemma. As hard as it has been, I have decided to chose purpose and fulfillment. The crossroad I stand before is either to stay in Denver, where I have a nice apartment, great job, and new friends; or I move to Arizona where some amazing ministry opportunities have opened up. That is a tough decision. 
There is a coffee shop that used to be open for roughly 17 years. This shop was a huge influence to the community, and from the stories I have heard, it changed lives. Like so many ministries, burnout entered the equation, and new helpers did not step up. A year ago it closed down, and there has been a visible negative difference seen in the community. I have been offered the option of moving there, completely renovating the shop, implementing my ideas, and reopening it as the co-owner. That is the simplest way to explain the situation. There is no part of me that wants to live in Arizona, but the potential I see for the community, in specific individuals, and personal growth is huge! It makes my very soul excited. 
As I walk into this next year, I see God doing great things in the very near future, and this is only one of them. I am scared, excited, and ready for new changes and paths. My soul is at peace, even if my mind is not. I have several doors to work on shutting here in Denver, and I am trusting that God will smoothly do so in only a way that he can. The biggest door I face is getting out of my current lease. My landlord is awesome, but since I have not been renting from him very long, he may or may not let me off easy. I am trusting that God will prepare him for the conversation I will be having with him in the next week. I am still unsure as to when I would actually move, and I am leaving that up to God. There are smaller doors he needs to help me close as well. Some possible job opportunities have opened in Arizona as well that are excellent pay, and the cost of living is much lower, so financially it will be a huge blessing. 
All I know is this: God is good and he has a great plan. He has brought people into my life who are great influences and blessings. He has sparked a desire and passion in my soul that I have not felt in quite a while. I am thankful that I get to start a new year with such a great path before me. 

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