A lesson of thankfulness

It is the second night in my new condo. I am sitting in livingroom, listening to Hillsong, watching the fireplace blaze and crackle, and enjoying a glass of Jameson. As I sit here, I have been overwhelmed with the way God has blessed and provided for me. Lately I have found myself stressed out over finances, relationships, my job, and several other things. This Thanksgiving holiday was spent moving, working hard to prepare my new place. Most of that time I was alone moving my things, so I had a great deal of time to think. It hit me just how greatly blessed I am.

Things I am thankful for:
1) My new condo
2) Focus, my black lab
3) Ethan, my son
4) The wonderful people God has placed in my life who encourage and lift me up
5) My GMC Sierra 2500HD…*minus the truck payment*
6) God’s provision
7) My job…even though it is not my dream job it still pays my bills
8) Denver United Church, where I am treated like a family member and not just another person
9) The fireplace in my condo
10) And last but not least, hope. God has been so faithful and has continued opening doors and showing me that there is much hope in the areas I tend to allow despair to creep into.

I am caught in the rhythms of grace. It can be a tough and sobering place to be, but it is where I find the most peace. There have been some drastic decisions that have been made this week that will change my life forever. In the decision making process, I have been able to let go of some areas I have been holding onto. God has clearly shut those doors I have been trying to keep open, and I have finally found peace in those areas. God is good, and he is showing me more every day just how desperately I need him to make it.

There have been a lot of discouragements lately that I have been battling. When your love and care is thrown in your face it hurts, but love will always prevail. Love wins. I am learning to be patient, extent kindness to those who do not deserve it, and love people when it is extremely difficult to do so. This is not easy for me. I am a natural born retaliater. I lash out easily. I hold grudges. But that is not who I was called to be, or do.

Give thanks. Be grateful for the place God has you. Learn the lessons of life through the eyes of God. Pursue  holiness.


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