Life: a precious gift

We all do it. Every day we wake up, hit the power on the coffee maker, get ready for our day, and live it out, only to go back to bed and do it all over again tomorrow. How often do each of us stop and think about the fragile and precious gift we have been given? I know I do not do this very often.

Last night changed that. It is 8pm and I am exhausted, mentally and emotionally. A situation took place last night that jolted awake the fear and reality of losing someone I care about very much. It has taken a toll on me all day as I have played the conversation and scenario over and over in my head. From the time I woke up this morning to now, I have not stopped praying. In fact my day seemed to fly by as I had some very difficult conversations with God.

This particular person I am referencing has been around the majority of my life. As I look back over our history my heart grieves. For so long I have not been the person I should have been for this individual. The hate I have displayed, the fights, the verbal abuse, and the lack of love I have shown have surfaced today and haunted my thoughts. It reminds me of all the time I have wasted in my life that I could have made a difference, and did not.

I could easily sit here and write all night about the things I have thought through today, but I will spare you. There is one thing though that I will share. That is love.

It is never to late to show love. It is never too late to turn around and start fighting the damage you have created with the sword of love. I have been deeply moved today in a very sobering way. Actions speak louder than words. What are my actions going to look like tomorrow, and the next day, and the next? Most damage done will almost always leave a scar, but the wounds can heal.

Now my question is this: how precious do I hold the lives around me? No matter who you are, what you have done, or who you have become, your life is a precious gift. Not only do I have the responsibility to acknowledge the gift I have been given, but also the responsibility to love and nurture the priceless gift of those around me with love, kindness, mercy, and grace.

Love is a powerful tool. It is also a healer, key to happiness, and path to victory. My heart has been burdened and challenged, and I have made a commitment to use this tool in any way I can. There is a lot of ground to regain, but I believe it can be done.


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