Trucking on

So I already mentioned that I bought a used 2007 GMC Sierra 2500HD. On Friday I took it to a mechanic simply because I wanted the assurance that everything was sound with it. The mechanic assured me that my truck is in immaculate shape, no leaks or issues. I started talking to him about some plans I had for the truck such as putting on cold air intake. He highly recommended it, as I will give the existing 363 horsepower a nice little boost and I would see my exasperating 11.5 mpg go up a few notches. He only added to my excitement as he advised me to put on a slow flow master muffler. This would give my truck a nice rumble as it idles, and a “get out of my way” roar when I really stick my foot into it. Just what I need, right? In the next few months I plan on getting these things done, as well as tint it out.

It has been a phenomenal week. I have seen God open up quite a number of doors for new opportunities and experiences. Monday I start work as a journeyman glazier. This is the biggest deal at the moment. I was only laid off two weeks ago, and to find a good job that quickly is nothing short of a miracle.

At church, I have been talking to a few guys that are involved in a prison ministry that I am trying to get in on. The church itself has really peaked my interest and pursuit. They are very connected with so many ministries and organizations in Denver, and they are starving for more people to get involved.

PS – I want a pet squirrel.


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