My other idol

Woe! Twice in one day! Crazy I know.

I am really about to burst. This morning at church I was completely blown away. For the past few weeks I have struggled heavily in my walk with God. Someone asked me last week in an email, “Dave, who are you?” I wrote him back with confused response. Not confused at his question, but confused with my answer.

We all have idols, whether we realize it or not. An idol is not necessarily what we replace God with, it is more of how we conform our “christianity” to our life to make us comfortable and secure. I have been praying, asking God for clarity in some areas, well this morning I got it, and not how I expected. It crashed on me like a ton of bricks. In that past few weeks I have done what was best for me, but in the process I have robbed God of His ability to work in my life unhindered, as my all in all, as my identity, and as my security.

Part of me wants to be specific, but I am going to refrain, simply because that is not what needs to be the focus in this post. My point is that who I am should reflect who God is. There is nothing that can separate me from the love and power of Christ. There is no idol, or “thing” I try to fit into my Christian walk, that can reflect God in a better way than the principles and attributes God calls me to carry in His name.

This is really an “aha” moment for me. As painful as it seems at the moment, it is relieving, and humbling. It gives me a new perspective to work from and allows me to lay some burdens down.


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