Through the fire

Not a day has gone by this week that I have not thought about writing this post as a way to vent on the hellacious events that have been taking place. Even up to last night, I was prepared to set focus on all the happenings of the last week to channel out my frustrations. Ironically last night I had several phone conversations that were very humbling and got me thinking on another wavelength.

One friend of mine in particular is going through a very rough time trying to figure out a housing situation. At the beginning of the week, things seemed to be lining up nicely, yet as the week progressed it fell apart. There is much more detail to the situation, but that is the gist. Last week, I needed a place to live immediately. I went to Indianapolis for the weekend, and the night of my return I went and looked at a condo. I signed a lease on that condo. Fabulous right? Sure, but I learned something very important that I was able to share with my friend last night. If we humble ourselves before God and ask Him to show up, He will not fail us. I kid you not, I was looking through house postings in the airport and was just about to shut my computer down. I refreshed the page one more time when this person’s condo add they just posted popped up. It came up about 30 seconds after I got done praying, asking God to show up big. That’s powerful.

I could almost write a book about the happenings of this week. At every turn God showed up. Every day something life altering happened, and it was only after inviting God to take charge that it was fixed. I am NOT promoting the idea that every time we have a problem God is going to fix it instantly, but I believe that God is not afraid to build our confidence in Him. Think about the story of Gideon when he asked God for a sign. I similarly asked God for a sign at some point last week.

Wednesday night I was on my long drive home from work. About half way home, I look in my rear view mirror and smoke is billowing out of the back of my Bonneville. I pulled over to discover my transmission dropped to first gear and my engine was burning up from running so high at 70 mph. I started to freak out. Here I just landed the most financially secure job I have ever had, just got established in my own condo, and now just because of a car failure I was looking at losing it all. There is no way I could bike 136 miles a day to and from work. *laughs* It took everything I had to stop my mind from racing. The thought of failing here in Colorado and having to return to Indiana was terrifying me. It was about that time God smacked me upside the head and called me out. *continues to chuckle*

God: Did I not get you here? Did I not pave the way entirely? Have I let you down at any point in this process?

Me: No, You haven’t.

God: Then please explain to me what the problem is…

Me: I am the problem.

God: Exactly. So quit focusing on yourself and what YOU do and focus on me.

Thunder and lightning crashes and flashes at this point…just kidding. I had to stop and surrender, yet again. Not only did I have to surrender then situation, but more importantly the selfish attitude I had of being in control. Sorry folks, I have a thick head and God is not done breaking me yet. I am going to make a very long story short, and just say that buy the end of the night, God provided the way for me to get another car. It was not my first choice or what I wanted, but transportation to continue walking the path He has paved.

All that to say this: without the struggles that I have faced this week, I honestly do not know if I would have been able to give my friend any encouragement or direction. God creates a unique path for each of us. Because our lives are about more than ourselves, I believe that God creates our path for the sake of others’ good as well, not just our own. It is part of loving and being a blessing to others. That is why I was so humbled yesterday. My circumstances were not just for me. This life continues to be not about myself.

This morning in my devotions, God put Psalm 18 in my path. It was a powerful reminder that when we humble ourselves before God and call out to Him, He hears us and takes action. God has called me to complete a mission. Every day that mission becomes a little more clear, but it takes baby steps (as I was recently reminded of by a good friend of mine). I get impatient so easily and want to jump the gun. In His timing all will be completed, and I need to focus on the daily lessons He has for me.

Father, you have proven yourself over and over to me this week. I feel like I have taken it for granted in a way, and I repent of that. You are so faithful, even when I am not. Thank you for your unending, never failing love. Thank you for your provision and watch-care over my life. You are the way, you are my path, you are my direction. I praise you for the constant reminders of that, even the tough ones. My prayer for this next week is that you would draw me so much closer to you than I have been in the past week. I am asking you to continue to be big. Take my big plans and make them look tiny and insignificant. Expand my borders in ways I cannot begin to fathom. I pray that you would specifically give me strength this week, especially since I will be working longer hours than usual, consuming more of my time. I ask for your sole direction and leading, that I would remain obedient to it. 


4 thoughts on “Through the fire

  1. Dave,

    I love reading about your adventures with God. I've been through a lot of the same things as I've told you before, and I used to think that He was grooming me for some amazing ministry or something like that, but as I've got to know God more, and met more people like you who know Him, I've realized He treats all His kids that way, from the super successful evangelist all the way down to the guy who doesn't know if he's going to have a car to get to work the next day. God loves us all the same, and He has plans for us, and He does crazy, providential things for us, and . . . well I don't have to tell you. It sounds like you're getting to know Him pretty well.

    God bless!

    Manifest Blog


  2. Wow, Dave!
    EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING you've written here, is EXACTLY the way I live my life. If you wanted to break down to the most common denominator this entry is what my blog is about.

    I've written so often about God's presence in my life and how many times he has changed the course of my life by detouring my original plans. As I look back over past events in my life I can clearly see the patterns of God's influence.

    –Living where I now live.
    –The career I've been given.
    –The BEST friend I've EVER EVER had.

    All these things and more wouldn't be possible were it not for God's influence in my life.

    God is all powerful.
    God is all loving.
    God only wants best for each of us.

    Sometimes he MUST put obstacles in our path, detouring us, getting us back to our pre destined path that HE has for us. But once you've gone around the obstacles and look back at where you now are, I GUARANTEE you'll see the better place that you're at.

    Thanks for the reminder, Dave!



  3. I think out of all the posts I've read on your blog, this particular blog resonated with me the most. I've been faced with some pretty difficult situations in the last month. Every time I turn around, it seems something else is thrown in my path.

    In the last month, a very close friendship of mine came to end. It was over something completely silly and what this person will never understand is essentially they were my rock. They were my light. And now, they're gone.

    With that on my mind, I was driving down the highway last week and as I was driving along, I heard a weird noise coming from behind my car. I pulled over to the side and didn't notice anything strange. I kept going and then all of a sudden my tire blew. With already a financial strain, I ended up having to spend $400 to replace all four of my tires.

    Over the weekend, which was supposed to be an enjoyable time for me, ended badly. I got into a horrible argument with my Dad, which left me pretty hurt, scared, and mentally and emotionally drained. A lot of what my Dad said to me .. to see the hate in his eyes towards me and the threats he made towards me, made me take a step back and realize that my life is far from “happy.”

    It are in those moments .. those obstacles and trials that are placed in my path that I am reminded and continue to try and remind myself that God has a reason and a plan for my life. A lot of what has happened to me lately has enabled me to restore my faith in God and restore the relationship I have tried desperately over the years to create and maintain.

    But why is it that when bad things in our lives happen, it is only then we turn to God? I am guilty of it and I am sure others are too. More than anything in my life right now I need the strength from God to move on with my life. I need Him now more than ever and I feel like in the moments when bad things happen, He has essentially given up on me and my life. I feel at times that God must be punishing me, but then I realize that is merely trying to open my eyes.

    I can honestly say that today my eyes are opened. And while at the moment there are is an abundance amount of uncertainty, I know God is with me every step of the way. I know that He loves me and at the end of the day, His love, His protection, and His comfort is all I need.

    I guess to sum things up, reading your post made me realize that I am not alone. So, I thank you for that.

    God bless!


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