Big reminders

It has been an interesting morning. Woke up to an unexpected issue that effects the next couple weeks of my life in a way I am not too keen on. The plan, my plan, has been to fly back to Indianapolis next weekend to see my son and take care of a couple things there. When I started planning this trip, a round trip ticket was $280. Now tickets are almost $450. Plans with some funds I have been waiting on changed, and even if I get it soon, will not be enough to cover my fare. I have more money coming towards the middle of next week, but by then I have no doubt my ticket to Indy would be over $500. Simply unaffordable at this point.

Anxiety pounced like a lion on fresh meat. This changes so many plans already made, and puts a financial strain on me I was not ready for.

Pray. That was the compelling prompting I got. The next weekend I could fly would be the weekend of July 8th, and I could buy a very cheap ticket for it this next week, but that does not help the unchangeable plans I have for next weekend.

A few hours later as I write this, I wish I could share some amazing story of how money or a very cheap ticket just fell in my lap. Neither have taken place, but something more amazing has.

Depending on how long you have been following my blog, you may have noticed a familiar theme throughout. God continues to ask me the same question over and over again, “Dave, do you trust me? Do you believe that I will provide the best way possible for you?”

Just this morning I got to share the full story with someone about how God paved the entire way for my relocation to Denver. Was it coincidence that we chose this morning to sit and talk about it? I was told what a blessing the story was, but really I should have told him what a blessing it was to share because I needed that heavy reminder that God has full control and reign in my life. There is a plan in this chaos of plans being altered. Do I know that I am not going next weekend? No, but I have perfect peace that if I am meant to be in Indy next weekend God will pave the way, and if not, then there is a specific reason and I need to watch and be alert for whatever He is delaying my trip for.

While I was driving this morning, this song came on. I have heard it a couple times, and I think the message of it is overwhelmingly powerful! I would go as far as to say it is very solid doctrine. I do not believe that we have to go through ONLY trials or hard times to come closer to God, but it is through the struggles that we develop a trust and intimacy with God that is deep and sincere. When we become so rooted and dependent on God, there is simply no other option other than praising Him in the good time. That glorifies Him, and we stay surrendered to His Lordship.


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