Blown away and blessed

It’s been a wild week. In the last few days, I watched God put something together that would be impossible for me to have done myself. He just poured a shower of blessing over me, and it’s almost impossible to contain myself! *laughs*

I was 30 minutes away from Denver on the 7th of June. My phone rings, and the poor cellphone reception makes it difficult to hear the guy on the other end giving me a shpeel about how he found my profile on LinkedIn and saw I had significant work experience in an area he needed. My skepticism went sky high, as my experience is usually that of some bogus company wanting to hire me for some scam job. Yet, as I listened. This guy, who is part of a company I am familiar with, informed me a construction company has a 3 year project north of Denver they need a lead caulker on. I confidently informed him I really was not interested in a job leading me back into the construction industry, however he was welcome to submit my information. We then discussed pay, him asking me what I needed to make…

Coming to Denver, I knew that I needed to make roughly $15 an hour to barely get by. I would hope it is clear by now, but money and possessions were far from my focus on my transition out here. In fact, I was trying to rid myself of all possessions, taking only the minimum and relying completely on God to provide. Not one day has passed that I have missed anything I left behind. It has been freeing. Anyway, as this man asked questions and I answered, a reasonable wage for such a job was established. So reasonable in fact that it was far more than I needed.

Earlier this week, I received a phone call informing me the company was very interested in my experience. Then it happened. The other day, this guy calls me a little excited himself. He lets me know that not only does this company want me to start work this coming Monday, they are not even interested in wasting their time to interview me! That is unheard of!

I really wrestled with the thought of this job when he called me at the beginning of the week with an update. Its a solid job, amazing pay, benefits, yet an hour and a half drive from where I live. My previous experience reminds me that driving that far gets very old, quickly. The greatest fear though is that this job would somehow subtract from my focus on why God brought me to Denver in the first place. By the time I get home every day I will be tired, making excuses come easy. The last thing I wanted to do was take a position that Satan was putting in my path to get my attention.

Without flinching, I told this guy that I would consider the position and let him know by Friday afternoon. I already had a couple other interviews scheduled that I wanted to follow through with. He desperately wanted to change my mind. Out of no where he hits me with a whole new wage level, one that is very irresistible! Despite this, I told him I would have to get back to him. He said ok. When I hung up, I almost couldn’t believe what I had just passed up. Something just was not clicking for me.

Immediately I got on the phone calling people to explain the situation. The positive feedback I got was encouraging, but I still knew the time to take it was not present. That day I emailed this man and asked him the exact location of the job site. Five minutes later he emails it to me, but also with another offer. This time he is offering to have a full benefits package paid, on top of the ridiculous amout they were going to pay me. I thanked him.

Today when I woke up, I was suppose to have two different interviews, both great jobs with fantastic pay. I had the first one, and it clearly was not for me. As I thought about the second and did some digging, I realized that it would not be a company I would want to do business with, and cancelled the interview. It was after this that my confirmation came. It was nothing extraordinary, but a still small voice. I had put a lot of prayer into this decision, and I know many others were praying as well. I just sat and talked with God for a minute. One idea kept coming back again and again: Dave, you can have a ministry wherever you are, even on a job site. You are called to be light in a dark world, making a difference wherever I place you, not just in an “established” ministry. That was all I needed. I called the company up, and not only did I accept their offer, the wage amount went up even more.

Now. All I can say is that this entire situation is a complete act of God. I did absolutely nothing to land this job. I have made a lot of money in the construction industry, but have never looked at such a solid dollar amount as this. There is no doubt in my mind that it is God showering His blessing on me. I got so excited today that I had a sickening thought. That old feeling of greed was creeping in, and quickly. I stopped what I was doing and surrendered it right there. Not only did I surrender it, I sat down and created a budget program in Excel, making sure to put in a minimum 10% of my earnings to God.

Another revelation struck me. Not only will I be able to improve some areas of my life that need improvement, be able to pay off debts, and save some money, I will also have far more than I need left over that truly is not mine. What am I going to do with it? Buy some toys that I really want?? No. I am not going to speak to quickly, but a ministry opportunity has come to mind that I am going to pray about starting up with these extra funds. God has physically poured these blessings on me and I would be a fool to hoard them. My desire is to turn around and bless others.

This is not the Dave I used to know. The Dave I knew was selfish, stingy, and greedy with only his agenda in mind. It makes me sick to think about. To look back to a time when I made absolutely stupid money and remember how I threw it away instead of blessing someone else’s life saddens me.

I leave here with one more thought. I am not content, and I hope that I never am. Seeing God move the way He has in the last few months has made me even more hungry for Him. I truly will not be satisfied until I am in His holy presents. Nothing He gives me on this earth I can take with me, so why would I keep it all to myself? That is foolish! I am called to invest in the lives and souls of those around me, and that is what I want to do.

Since reaching Denver, every day has been filled with blessing. I am so thankful.


One thought on “Blown away and blessed

  1. Praise God for the heart He's given you. Just some encouragement for the road ahead, I once met a man who committed to giving God 90% of what he made. He said it was hard at first, but God always provided for his needs. By the time I met him, he was making 10 million a year, and the 10 percent he kept for himself was too much, so he was giving away more. He was a construction worker in Oregon, who ended up owning the construction company.

    I also met the man who invented the credit card reader. He's a Mennonite who gives away everything he doesn't need. He lives in a tiny house and lives very simply, probably living on $25,000 a year, but is worth close to a billion. Everything goes to God.

    I don't believe in a prosperity Gospel; I'm just giving an example of what Jesus said, “He who is faithful with little will be faithful with much” (Luke 16:10).

    Use whatever you don't need for the ministry opportunity you are thinking about. Use what He's given you for His glory. Never think of it as “your” job, “your” money, or “your” ministry. It's all His.

    Manifest Blog


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