First stop: IHOP-KC

It was a long, hot drive from Indy to Kansas City, MO, yet it was a very good drive. Had an amazing time just talking to God and asking for His provisions and mercies. Now, I am sitting in The Prayer Room at the International House of Prayer. To my great delight, Misty Edwards is here leading worship.

As I was praying this morning, I asked God to just show up and fill me. Misty Edwards is one of my favorite worship leaders. Her music is all original, powerful, deep, and profound. I listen to her music a lot when I have my devotions. To show up, expecting God to do something amazing, and finding her here was a mind blower. There could not have been a more perfect setting for me to worship and pray, crying out in humility and praise. It was amazing, and just what I needed.

The drive was a real battle, as I wrestled with the future and God’s purpose for me moving to Colorado. As I already said, He showed up, and spoke peace into my heart and mind. This battle is never going to end, but I pray that it gets a little easier. Somehow though, I think it is going to get much harder before it gets any easier.

When I first got here and starting listening and praying, I really felt drawn to read more in Isaiah. There are dozens of verses that jumped off the pages, full of promises and comfort, but these to verses from Isaiah 43 grabbed me in particular:

“…Remember not the former things,
nor consider the things of old.
Behold, I am doing a new thing;
now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?
I will make a way in the wilderness
and rivers in the desert…” (vs. 18-19)

God has got this entire situation handled, better than I could ever attempt to do myself. It all comes back to the questions He has been asking me for weeks, “Dave, how much do you trust me? And to what extent are you willing to surrender your life to live out My love?” Do you realize how intense those questions are? Are you able to fathom the depth of the answer He is asking for? 
I know I have talked a lot about fear, and the insanity of this whole situation, but I do NOT want that to become the focus! I have seen God moving in ways I never thought possible. I stand amazed and in awe! The excitement and joy inside is immeasurable! If He is really for me, then what in the world do I have to fear that will come against me and appose me. NOTHING! That very concept is all through the book of Isaiah. Maybe that is why I have been reading it over and over, absorbing God’s promises. 
Father, I just want to thank you, praise you. I’m resting in a peace only you can provide. You have blessed my heart all day, and I pray in this time I have to cry out to you and worship that I would bless your heart! I am humbled in the presence of your love and surprises. You have promised that nothing can rip me apart from you. I surrender here on earth, in my life, what is already surrendered in heaven itself! Draw me closer to yourself, and fill me to overflowing. I pray a hedge of protection around my life and Ethan’s life, binding Satan and the enemy far from us. My focus is you, as I digress. I speak your healing into my life and the lives of those around me, because you have promised to heal the sick and restore the weak. Consume me, relentlessly. 

2 thoughts on “First stop: IHOP-KC

  1. Glad I joined your blog just as you started this adventure with God. So glad you were blessed with your prayer and worship on arrival, will pray you continue to be blessed by our Father. x


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