As the time draws near

This is really just a praise. God has lifted me high today, imparting me with peace, direction, and assurance that He is in control. I thought I had a huge car issue, but turns out it was a minor carbon build up that needed cleaned out, and was able to get some other minor issues resolved with it for a great price.

I look around every corner of my life, and God is there. There is not one area or “thing” I have surrendered to His care that He is not masterfully overseeing. I feel blessed for the amazing people He has placed in my life who are such a great encouragement to me. That makes me even more grateful for the people that are about to enter my life in more of a “full time” way. Even just a few minutes ago I left dinner with a friend who was very skeptical of my leaving. Instead of talking, he chose to listen to what God has been up to, and every single doubt or question he has was answered. As we parted ways, there was powerful encouragement and a bond of friendship that was strengthened.

God is writing and incredible story. It troubles me to hear people say “I could never do that” because it places such a limit on the adventure God wants to write into their life. Jesus called us to come to Him, labor with Him, and allow Him to fit us with the proper yoke (Matthew 11). That is all I have done. He has done the rest and paved the way before me. It inspires me when I am doubtful to reflect on His leading and provision. Knowing that I did nothing, it was all Him, is comforting and puts me at peace, a peace that surpasses human understanding.

So few days to finish all I need to do. Great anticipation lies before me as I patiently wait for the hour to come where I literally take that last step that leaps into mysterious plan. He is in control. He is my comfort.

Father, I just want to thank you for who you are, and what you are doing in my life. You have opened the gates to your Strong Tower, and have firmly shut them behind me. You have embraced me with a love I still don’t understand fully. Without a doubt you have proven you are powerful, an ambassador making the way before me as I strive to serve you. God, I pray that even when I stumble and grow weary, you would be so quick to pick me up. I am excited. I am amazed. I am humbled. 


One thought on “As the time draws near

  1. It lifted my heart today as I read your post and your trust in God was just so evident…and inspiring! Keep pressing forward, you have what it takes…trust in God and the Almighty ever directing you towards His plans for your life.


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