A real test of faith

This week has been overwhelming, frustrating, and suspenseful. I have grown a lot in just a few days in ways I did not even think were necessary. Today has been no different, as yet another hurdle is placed in front of me.

When I awoke, it was a gorgeous morning. Temperature was perfect and crisp, the sun was out, and I had some amazing conversation with God before I left for work. In my efforts to be a much more positive person, I have been thanking God for everything, even the trials in my life. They are all for a reason, and good will come of them. As I talked with him, I mentioned that I was going to surrender each segment of my day to him, one of those being my job. Little did I know that three hours later, I would not have a job.

Yesterday was a very busy day at work. I spent a lot of time catching up from missing the day before due to sickness. I worked away at it diligently though and ended up getting everything accomplished. During my day at some point I received an email from my boss telling me to make sure we got all our materials we were done listing back in the warehouse, and he wanted a special effort made each week to make sure everything was put away by the time we left on Fridays. No problem. Yesterday, time slipped away, and I did not have time to get everything put away. Again this morning, I walked into a very busy schedule with some deadlines to meet. I had full intentions of putting some things away by the end of the day. My boss came over and was talking to me about a few or our listings, when he looked over in the corner of my office and saw there were some things I had not put back in the warehouse, and he went off. He did not believe that I did not have time to do it the day before, nor did he put a time frame on getting it done. He ended his irritated shpeel with, “this is unacceptable, you can just leave.” And like that I became jobless. I could say many negative things, that would all be more than true, but what is the point?

I am now faced with a dilemma. Several companies out in Colorado have informed me they are not interested in hiring anyone from out of state, but if I move there, to get back in touch with them. Do I blindly move and expect a job to come my way? Is that a leap of faith I need to take? Or do I wait on all the doors to fully open? Just the very thought of Colorado feels right, and there are so many more opportunities available to me out there. There is nothing I can find in Indiana career wise, and I wrestle with so much “past” that constantly bombards me. Is this sudden availability my ticket to go?

Needless to say, my prayers are running long-winded right now. The strange part, is that I have complete peace in my position right now. Even through all the frustration and craziness of this last week, I have had complete peace. I am more puzzled and curious than I am concerned.

That is all I really have for now. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated as I seek guidance and direction from both God and those I consider mentors.


One thought on “A real test of faith

  1. I will pray God gives you open doors to new beginnings that will bless you and thus allow you to bless others.

    I found it interesting in your daily quest to thank God for everything, even the negative. I'm reading a great book by Ann Voskamp now, One Thousand Gifts, that talks about doing just that. It's an amazing book, I'd highly suggest it. I've gotten a lot out of the book and have, thus, written about it on my blog quite a bit, you can read my post about it here:http://ascendingthehills.blogspot.com/2011/05/gratitudes-greatest-gifts.html It explains her concept of keeping a “gratitude journal” which is basically recording all the gifts one notices around them, in their daily moments.

    I hope I didn't write too much. I will pray God sends you opportunities, discernment and continued peace.


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