A test

Wikipedia states: A coincidence is the occurring of an event in conjunction with any some conditions, e.g. another event. As such, a coincidence occurs when something uncanny, accidental and unexpected happens under conditions named, but not under a defined relationship. When there are no conditions named, the event is just that single entity. The word is derived from the Latin cum- (“with”, “together”) and incidere (a composed verb from “in” and “cadere”: “to fall on”, “to happen”). 

My head is reeling right now. Actually, reality has not exactly set in yet, but its well on its way. Today I was robbed. I have lived in my house for a year and a half, and knew it was bound to happen sooner or later. Today though, of all days. Is that a coincidence? No, I do not believe so at all.

Yesterday, on my first flight home from my trip to Minnesota, I decided to dive head first into Crazy Love. I really am a terrible slacker when it comes to reading, even if its a good book. I read chapter seven and most of eight. Chan talked about what it really means to love people, unselfishly and with the kind of love Christ has. He spoke of abandonment of self, my “rights,” and bestowing grace to even my enemies. Needless to say, it was challenging and a hard pill to swallow. Like the story of Abraham going to sacrifice Isaac, what am I willing to sacrifice to prove my devotion to Christ?

I thought a lot about what I had read during my second flight. I came to the conclusion that I need to work on my patients and love towards those I do not really care for. A few specific names came to mind. To myself I decided this was a personal goal I am going to work on, no matter what the cost. The challenge Chan gave, of given up literally anything for God, was convicting and moved me. Others may find it absurd or insane, but what God says is far more important.

This morning when I woke up, I was thinking about where I should put a significant amount of money that I had not been able to take to the bank yet. My exact thought was: if I was to rob myself, where WOULDN’T I look. *laughing to self* Not three hours later, I got a call from the police telling me to come home because I had been robbed.

Immediately I was enraged. My thoughts were bent on getting home and what I would do if they caught the guys. I got into my car, and sped off for home. It did not take long for God to start talking to me. It went something like this…

God: So Dave, do you trust me?
Me: Do I?? I’m not sure.
God: Ok. Do you love me? 
Me: Well, yes. 
God: Then why are you plotting your revenge against your “neighbor?”
Me: I….*loss for words*…You’re right.
God: Duh.
Me: I’m sorry, you are absolutely right. I need to calm down and rethink this. 
God: Sounds like a good idea. What are you going to do?
Me: Um, surrender it to you. My house and things are yours. I’m going to love my enemy, even though it hurts and I don’t want to.
God: Ok, then stop worrying about it, because I have it under control already. 
Me: Ok, I trust you, and no matter what I am not going to press charges. 
God: Really.
Me: Yeah. I want to really bad, but I am going to love them, and extend mercy to them.

I did not know until I got home that the robbers had been spooked by some neighbors of mine and the cops that showed up. They literally dropped everything and ran. They left their car behind too, which allows the detective to have a good lead on the investigation. There in my yard was my flatscreen, guns, XBOX, other miscellaneous items, and some very sentimental jewelry.

What a test. This is where the rubber meets the road. Its tough battling the feelings of anger and privacy violation. God took care of it though. He had people in the right place at the perfect time. Regardless I will thank and praise Him.

By the way, they did not find the money. 🙂


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