Know me

Right now I am sitting 6 stories up in Rochester, MN, enjoying a very rainy view of downtown out of my friend’s 25 foot bay window. Sleep did not bless me very much last night, despite the fact I had been up since 2:30 yesterday morning. The 12 hours I spent driving the 24 foot moving truck was not as terrible as I thought it was going to be, however, moving all the stuff to the condo on the 6th floor was very tiresome.

As you can see, the sunset last night was amazing. The dominate orange and pink colors seemed to dance and swirl together before disappearing over the horizon. Beautiful. I love the way natural beauty makes my mind work, and the patterns it creates in my soul. Some feelings cannot be described, no matter how hard you attempt to try. Its like intimacy in a way. Anyone can have sex and talk about how great it was, but the passion and beauty of making love can only be felt between two lovers who’s souls have come together in a way they cannot explain.

Search me, O God, and know my heart!
Try me and know my thoughts!
~ Psalm 139:23

The word know is one of the most intimate words used in the bible. For David to ask God to know him is a complete act of surrender. When a man and a woman come together, they surrender their bodies to each other. They know each other in the most intense possible way. 
Yesterday as I drove the great journey, I got to know God a little better. My post yesterday morning was written right after I did a re-read of chapter 6 in Crazy Love. The intensity and closeness I felt to God when I got done was overwhelming. As I drove, I had hours to talk to Him about it, and it felt incredible. You know the relief you feel when you keep things bottled up inside, then finally tell someone? That is the best way I can describe it. 
I have come to notice a trend though. So I mentioned it is storming outside right now? I never would have guessed after the beautiful evening it was last night that it would storm all night. When God really shows up and reveals Himself to me in ways I cannot explain, there is always something big that follows. It is not even in question. It could be good, or bad. Whatever it is though, I’m ready for it. In a strange way I am excited for it. He has my trust, and He holds the blueprints and building permits. 
Father, as I go about this day, root me even deeper in your grace and love. Intensify my intimacy with you, that I will stay in tune with whatever plan you are drawing out for my life. Thank you for your protection and mercy. You are merciful and mighty, completely faithful to prove your love. Come be the fire inside of me, and the flame upon my heart. Shine through me, and make yourself known in my life. Grant me boldness as I strive to honor you. Open doors of opportunity, and securely close those of selfishness and destruction. Know me, that our thoughts, goals, and dreams will become one and the same. 

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