Jesus take the wheel…literally!

God’s sense of humor and mine clash like two positive sides of a magnet. If you have not read my post from earlier this morning, then I would suggest you do so, or this post will make no sense.

So many things right now are striking me as quite ironic (and I am actually chuckling to an extent): the fact my blog title is “the path i trek”; the fact that I woke up this morning KNOWING God has something he wants to show me; writing my post this morning about Job losing everything dear to him; and last but not least, the fact that my brand new mountain bike could not have come at a more perfect time. Ps- I think that is the longest sentence I have ever written in my life! *laughs*

As of the last hour, I just lost something that is very important to me: my car. I knew it was not the best car when I bought it, but it was far better than what I had. I left Response Church this evening with Ethan and noticed my car started kind of funny. I didn’t think much of it, and went to drop him off to his mother right outside my neighborhood. We were a little bit early, so I turned the car off so I wouldn’t waste gas. She showed up, and when I went to leave, my car turned over a couple times, then completely died. Efforts to jump start it failed, and the conclusion made was that it is an electrical issue, or the starter went out. I am praying its the latter.

With some help I was able to get it home by pushing it. I am sitting here thinking about all of these ironic events, although I SHOULD be finishing the stupid paper for my English comp class that is due by midnight. The strangest part of all, is that I am at complete peace. As we sat there trying to get it started, I surrendered it. Everything I have is God’s, so this is his problem, right?

There are two positive sides though. The first is that I now have an absolutely amazing mountain bike I just bought that I can get around on. The only drawback to that is my ride to work every day will be a good 14 miles one way, AND it’s suppose to thunderstorm and rain all week. Fun right? The second, is that I have several truly awesome friends that have already offered to help me out with transportation.

What is God teaching me in this? I have no doubt I’m about to find out, but my gut is telling me he wants to develop a deeper level of reliance on himself. Please keep me in your prayers, not necessarily that everything would just work out, but that I would stay open and receptive to whatever God has to show me.


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