I woke up hungry this morning, and not necessarily in a physical sense. There was a starving need to seek God out and talk to him. Its now late in the afternoon, and I still have this desire to be in constant fellowship and discussion with him. All day I have prayed and listed to my Christian music channel on Slacker Radio.

My need to pray today has, quite oddly, not been about myself. As I got ready for work my mind was doing some wandering, thinking of a few people both in and out of my life circle. The urge to pray for these people was ridiculously strong, and I found as I prayed for them, there came a strange sense of fulfillment and peace.

Jesus told us to lift up each other’s burdens and needs. Some of these people I did not know what all their burdens where, but praying for them was still easy. In my discovery of my life’s greater purpose of loving others, I have found that it is very important to lay myself and my needs aside.

I know this is kind of a strange post, but felt the need to share.

PS – I hope to have another update on Crazy Love very soon.


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