Stormy thoughts

Last night we had some of the most ridiculous storms come through that we have seen here in Indy in quite some time. I had been out yesterday evening, and was literally walking in my front door as the first few drops fell. There was a lot on my mind yesterday and all throughout the day, I kept asking God to just give me peace. Then as I lay in bed, the storms burst into life and wreaked havoc on the city all night. As I laid there watching the lightning flash and listening to the thunder roll, I prayed about some heavy storms that have been raging in my life.

The irony of it all strikes me as humorous. For the first time in close to 3 months, I slept in complete peace and did not wake up even once. No dreams played in my head, and nothing jolted me awake. Not even the horrific storms. Every day, I am learning more and more about dealing with life storms and situations. God has really showed up for me in the last few weeks; it makes me want to give back to him even more.

Not only has he proved that he will calm the storms, but he is showing me that he IS the calm in the midst of any storm. Just something to think about.


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