Response Church

Last night Ethan and I visited a church plant down in the heart of Indianapolis. It dawned on me that I had heard of Response Church a couple years ago when it was brand new. Through a completely random, yet I believe completely ordained, string of events, I was compelled to go and worship with them last night. It’s been a long time since I walked into a church that felt so real, with a “come as you are” atmosphere, and you could tell just by looking around that people genuinely wanted to be there.

There were several things that impressed me right off the bat. The first is that it is multi-cultural. You have everyone from the homeless, black, white, college age, young, and old. I would say there were roughly 75 people there. Secondly, the friendliness grabbed my attention. I think I got a “hello” almost immediately after entering the building. On top of that the pastor, a mid 30s, barefoot guy that had two pretty sweet looking sleeves, came up and had a real conversation with me. It wasn’t just a “hi, welcome to our church I hope you enjoy” conversation. Impressive. Thirdly, the band is pretty good! Not to be shallow, but after attending a mega-church for the last almost 4 years of my life with a very talented and “rockin” band, well, it actually is a pretty big deal to me.

What’s neat about this church is that they have a real mission for the downtown area. Whether they realize it or not, they have another mission that I have picked up on: to get the suburban people out of their comfort zone, and to get down and dirty with them. Definitely cool. So often we get so comfortable in our own little lives, we don’t stop to see what is going on in the world around us.

So there is just a small blurb of what I think. I’d encourage you to come check it out every Sunday at 6pm. They have a lot of other stuff going on down there as well! All their contact information and address can be found at:


2 thoughts on “Response Church

  1. It's great you found a church you like and feel comfortable in Dave. I go to just about the opposite sort of church: An old brick country church with maybe 30-40 people, mostly middle aged and older. Our “band” consists of an organist playing an instrument the church bought at an auction and my father who plays guitar. I gripe about it a lot, but the truth is I haven't found a place that has even come close to feeling like home as this place does, and did the first time I went there. Blessings,


  2. Just out of curiosity Eden, have you ever thought about trying to help that church come alive? No there is nothing wrong with “traditional style service”, but when it is just tradition and no joyful worship and adoration then you have a problem. I'm not saying you need a “rock” band to make a church come alive, just the desire the follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.


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