The precious gift of life

Something just struck me, as I have sat here watching my son Ethan eat and enjoy his macaroni and cheese. His life is so simple, so young, so new; yet he knows the things which he enjoys. One of those things is the mentioned food. He gets so giddy with glee every time it is mentioned. Seriously, I think this kid would eat mac & cheese for every meal if you let him, although he comes by this obsession quite honestly. What struck me through is the life that he has.

I just finished writing a long paper, for my English composition class, about the responsibilities of a parent in each child’s life that I believe could drastically change the outrageous rate of depression, substance abuse, and suicide in our world today. If you wait a couple weeks I may actually post this paper once I complete the final draft for school. Interestingly enough, I have heavily battled the thought of being a full time parent, and this battle has been around for a good year or so, if not more. No doubt everyone struggles with the thought of being a full time parent, and maybe my reasons are selfish, but at times it overwhelms me.

Despite my struggle of full-time parent capabilities, my son Ethan makes me realize one thing: there is nothing more precious in this world than being a role model for your children. Even in the tough times, or take for instance my position of only being a part time dad, the joy that one can gain from being such an important key to the success of another life is almost overwhelming.

One day in the near future I hope to raise one or two more children in a complete home. Although it may be a great challenge for me, my goal will be to raise them with as much love and tenderness as they need to grow up and be wonderful parents themselves.

How’s that for some Sunday afternoon thoughts?


2 thoughts on “The precious gift of life

  1. A beautiful post! You can just tell the immense love you have for your son, which is priceless. I've stayed at home with my kids for as long as my daughter came about, which is seven years now. I have had part time at home jobs, but by God's grace, I've never had to leave her care to someone else and I've been around to witness her first experiences to the world around her. There's no greater gift.


  2. Thank you Jessica! Ethan was an “accident” from a not so good time in my life. Because of Him God was able to show me Himself through a very difficult and nasty custody battle, and now Ethan is one of the greatest joys in my life.

    I find it amazing that God compares those who believe in Him to children. It puts a whole new perspective on our calling and purpose here.

    Thank you for the comment!


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