“Here I am on the road again…”

Those lyrics by Bob Segar are running through my mind as I sit down to write on this blog. My lack of writing this year has been a combination of having to write papers for school, rough life situations and losses, and the lack of motivation. This is my fifth major blog I have started in the last 6 years. I have written thousands of blog posts and except for the saved entries on my computer, they are all gone, never to be read by anyone again. So here I am again. Should I? Is it worth it? I skeptically answer yes. On my Facebook group Christian Bloggers Network’s page I wrote a status a few days ago that read: “How is God working in your life? Are you writing about it so you can look back and reflect when things don’t seem to be going right?” That was the thought process that I was having when I decided to create this blog. I often go back and read my old blog postings. Some make me sad, others make me raise my eyebrow at myself, and some I just laugh at.

We all grow and mature. Everyone changes. I’m changing. I have reached a point in my life that I realize I need to reprioritize myself and seek God in a way I have never done before: unselfishly. I am going to start with writing posts on a book I have been inspired by a good friend of mine to read, Crazy Love by Francis Chan. Already in the first chapter it has tickled my brain and grasped my interest.

To be quite honest, I don’t know that I will get overly personal on this blog. I want to use it to sort out my thoughts and beliefs while I challenge myself. I hope that anything I write will be a blessing or an encouragement to others. I am learning, and you are welcome to learn along with me.

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